Endodontic Disease

This wolverine presented with a crown fracture that resulted in exposure of the pulp, necrosis, and a periapical lesion.

Root Resorptions

This dog originally treated for periodontal disease presented with root resorption previously undetected in 2d x-rays.

Nasal Tumors

A dog presented with post-extraction invasion of the nasal cavity and enabled the diagnosis of a peri-radicular cyst.

Periodontal Disease

This 10 year old dog presented with intermittent sneezing and nasal discharge as a result of bone loss from periodontal disease.

Dental Tumors

A dog presented with a maxillary osteosarcoma previously diagnosed and treated, with extent of the tumor not previously determined by 2d x-rays.


This patient presented with a non-union repair as a consequence of significant osseous removal during an earlier extraction.