Maxillofacial Trauma

Maxillofacial Trauma

Dexter suffered a painful dog bite, resulting in a caudal mandibular fracture and severe mandibular drift (malocclusion).


Caudal mandibular fracture repair that re-establishes normal occlusion in cats (and small dogs) can prove very challenging to accomplish. The veterinary specialist in dentistry and oral surgery repaired the fracture and reestablished normal occlusion. The treatment included rigid fixation using a 1.3 mm titanium miniplate and screws.

Fun Fact! Cats are true carnivores (unlike dogs). Their mandible/TMJ allows only vertical but no horizontal range of motion.


The VetCAT CT scan helps in treatment planning in visualizing the thin ventral cortex of the mandible for placement of extremely small titanium screws while avoiding the adjacent inferior alveolar nerve. A follow-up VetCAT CT determined that the plate was well-integrated and presented no clinical or radiographic concerns. Dexter’s occlusion and mandibular range of motion remain optimal.


With VetCAT’s 3D technology, the mandibular fracture was clearly visualized for help in accurate treatment planning. Dexter’s occlusion and mandibular range of motion remain optimal, allowing Dexter to get back to normal cat life while pain free!

Thanks to Dr. Nicodin Farcas, DVM, DAVDC of Animal Dental Clinic in San Carlos, CA​.

Download the case study here to share: Dexter

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