Periodontal Disease

Effie is such a trooper – seemingly happy, quick to wag her tail when she hears her name. You would never know she was suffering in silence. She was constantly panting, rubbing her face, and had bad breath that regular brushing did not resolve.

She presented with severe wear and abrasion to her teeth and inflamed gums. A quick 20 second VetCAT CT further revealed severe periodontal disease- generalized abrasion to her teeth with attachment loss, exposed roots, bone loss, and inflammation below the gum line.

After complete surgical removal of all remaining incisors, premolars and molars with debridement, Effie’s pain and discomfort were alleviated- letting Effie get back to her happy, playful self.

Thanks to Dr. Molly Angel, board-certified veterinary dental specialist at Goodison Veterinary Center in Rochester, MI.

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